aircraft leasing

at Mass Lease

Mass Lease offers various types of leasing: Operating Lease, Finance Lease, and through its partners, Wet-lease (ACMI). Being a small, autonomous and flexible team we are able to find the perfect solution in the shortest possible time.

Operating Lease

Providing Operating Lease on regional aircraft is the key competence of Mass Lease. With its current portfolio aged between 12 and 23 years, Mass Lease is experienced in so called end-of-life leasing. The leasing model is fine-tuned to the customer needs, in line with the potential of the aircraft, to maximize the use of the remaining life of the aircraft. Mass Lease has experience in leasing in all continents of the world and is continuously looking for new opportunities.

Wet-lease (ACMI) – Start-up support

For new operators or existing operators new to the Fokker product, start-up support can be offered. It has been a proven success to start operation by entering into a wet-lease or ACMI-lease (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) operated by Denim Air, and gradually grow into a stand-alone operation, where the aircraft is purchased or leased and operated by the new operator. Denim Air can assist in operational and technical training, pilot training courses, manuals and AOC setup.

Wet-leases are also offered as a single product, operated by Denim Air, with Mass Lease aircraft, for short or long term leases.

To see for availability of various aircraft, our page Aircraft available.