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At Mass Lease we work with a small and dedicated team, we aim to keep a close personal relation with our clients. Please feel free to contact us at our personal details below.

Mass lease
Industrieweg 23
3641 RK Mijdrecht
The Netherlands
T: +31 297 227 100
E: info@mass-lease.com
Enrique Wilson-Rae - Fokker 50 aircraft lease Enrique is responsible for all general company legal matters as well as lease contract management throughout the leaseterm.

Enrique Wilson-Rae

Director Legal Affairs
+31 6 - 46277416
Willy Smit - aircraft leasing Willy is managing accounts within Mass Lease. She will be in monthly contact with your financial department, monitoring the usage of the aircraft and making sure that all financials are in order.

Willy Smit-Breuren

Finance Manager
+31 297 227 101
Jack Bos - Fokker 50 aircraft lease Jack is responsible for the technical management of the aircraft leased by Mass Lease. Being an expert in Fokker 50 and Fokker 100 aircraft, Jack keeps close contact with our clients and is available to give support where needed.

Jack Bos

Technical Director
+31 297 227 150

Jaap R. Rosen Jacobson

Managing Director
+31 297 227 110